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Beekeeping supplies, Honey and Beeswax products, Apiary services, Hives and Extractors

Bee Positive is a brand new store in central Yandina which has everything that you need to keep Bees and innovative products to reduce labour intensity, plus make Bee keeping a pleasure not a chore.

We have a good range of equipment in stock, ready to take home and also offer professional advise on keeping Bees or how to start your own hives.  If there is something that you need that we currently don't stock then please let us know, because we can probably source it for you.

In this slide show we are trying out a new system for honeycomb jars and our new Solar wax melter which we use to melt capping and old comb.  There are candles and wax blocks as well as our Honey and Beeswax at the Yandina Street Fair.

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9-13 Harvest Road, Yandina, Queensland

phone: 07 5472 7299
email:  info@beepositive.com.au


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